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Mortgage Loan

The loan which is provided against any collateral mortgage property is called Property Mortgage Loan or Loan against Property.

  • Property Loans start from Rs 2 Lacs depending on Applicant’s property valuation and Applicant’s individual eligibility.
  • Loan against property can be borrowed up to 100% of market value of the same property.
  • Property loan is available with the option of high tenure loans for low burden of repayment.
  • Low MCLR rate and maximum tenure with low interest rates as comparison with Personal loan or Business loan.
  • Simple documentation and speedy processing.
  • Property Loan can availed by salaried & self-employed individuals or company as well.

 Loan Against Property

 Is second cheapest loan in market after Home Loan. It works out to be much cheaper than Business loan which is usually issued at interest rates in the range of 10.5% – 16%.

  • On the basis of security, they provide longer tenure. The tenure for a Loan Against Property is usually longer than personal loan. Generally, based on a secured loan tenure goes up to 15 years.
  • Due to a secured nature of loan the another quality of LAP is lower rate of interest which makes this product lowest EMI product.
  • LAP requires normal documentation like personal loan or business loan. Only property documents added for collateral purpose.



The loan against property goes through –The Application for Loan.-Processing of Application-Loan Documentation-Initiation for Verification / Valuation of property-Credit Sanctioning of the Loan-Disbursement of Loan


  • Identity Proof
  • Residence Address Proof
  • 12 month Bank Statement
  • 3 month salary slips
  • Previous or current job experience proof
  • Form 16 for previous employment / ITR for self employed
  • Property Documents


*may vary from case to case

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